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Travel Journal continued - Assisi -


October 24:

I am up, awake, listening to all the church bells.  Each church is given a different time it seems so all the bells can be fully appreciated.  There are so many churches here the ringing comes from all sides and goes on a long time. 

I continue reading The Life of St. Francis of Assisi and The Treatise of Miracles, written by Brother Thomas of Celano, who was commissioned to write the life of the Blessed One.  He had met St. Francis and then, wrote about him after his death.  The translation  into English is by Catherine Bolton.

 It is fascinating to read as one envisions life then and participates in the life of St. Francis as he becomes one who does miracles, who heals.  He certainly deprived himself and seemed not to come to Buddha’s Middle Way.  It is odd because the more I read of his own deprivation, the kinder I am to myself.  I was more gentle in my teeth brushing and hair drying this morning, more aware that as we are kind to each person we meet and each animal, we also need awareness of each cell in our own body, of nurturing gentleness there.  Can we be gentle with ourselves, peaceful, kind?

St. Francis
is of one time period and we of another and certainly his message of peace is one we can all come to revere.   He was ridiculed and praised.   He lived for peace and the joy found and rejuvenated in presence and prayer.  

St. Clare was also born here,  in Assisi, within a year of St. Francis.  She founded the female order equivalent of his.  The number of churches is astonishing and morning bells now clang exuberantly. 

 I was awake much of the night.  The sacredness permeates and opens the cells.  I look out as day comes.  In this moment, I feel I could be anywhere, on any planet, any time.  I’m not sure that makes sense, but in this moment, I observe the majesty and magnificence of earth, separate from all the details of daily life. 

 How do we live without judgment, with acceptance?  Ah, this, now!

In Assisi, there is an almost constant twittering of birds, both day and night.  It is funny because I read that one time when St. Francis was trying to speak, two sparrows were chattering away.  He looked at them and they stopped.  I think life in heaven must love the twittering of birds on earth.  There is no need to request they stop.

We drive to the airport in Rome and drop off the car, take a taxi to our hotel, and stroll once more.  Roman ruins beckon outside our door, even as cars whiz back and forth.   We are by the river and have time here before we return home.   Now, we learn that Steve's Monday meeting is changed to Tuesday, pushing our return back a day.   Four days to explore Rome, and then, home. 

My request or acknowledgment this Saturday morning, October 25th, is that the centuries continue to animate and play my cells with a willingness to be more accepting and open to the positive grace that balloons each moment we are given the gift and ability to process and matter the energy of air. 

Blessings and peace from Roma, a day to open, learn, and explore!!



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