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Roma -

I see why Rome and romantic are linguistically tied.  What a city!!

We started out taking the bus yesterday morning, and then, realized all is in walking distance, as we kept walking in circles and seeing one famous thing after another.   What would be astonishing in another city isn't even mentioned here.  Oh, another obelisk.  My heart beats quickly here, my whole body.  This is one visceral city.   I am normally not a city person, but this one has captured my heart.

Our first destination yesterday was the Vittoriana, a much-criticized monument but one spectacular to see.  We walked toward the Parthenon, strolling past churches and services, stopping in to listen to the music and chanting of a few.   Hallelujah is with me now.

We enjoyed cappucino by the Parthenon and the parade of passing people.   We walked past fountains and monuments, heads turning every direction to enjoy and savor and climbed the Spanish Steps.   We sat and perused and then, after savoring the massive views entered the Academia of Francia.  Suddenly we were asked, "Parlez-vous Francais?"   The exhibits were excellent and the place was the Medici villa so we ate lunch with another incredible view and strolled the halls and gardens, massive gardens.  I always wanted to experience gardens like this.  We realize now one just walks and enjoys, no need for a plan.  I think we walked six or seven hours yesterday.  My shoes, new at the beginning of the trip, are looking a bit worn.   We enjoyed another dinner out at a sidewalk cafe.   The waiter seemed part of our enchantment.  He enjoyed it too.   Food is worshipped like goddess and god.   I love caprese salad, buffalo mozarella cheese and tomatoes.   Each one has been delicious, but one was a hunk of cheese that could have fed ten people.  I had heard portions were small in Italy, but now I don't know what that means.  Perhaps, small in comparison to the colosseum.   The plates of pasta are huge and delicous.  We have decided being here that we need to make our own pasta on returning home and now we understand el dente.   Yum!!    We live and feast "with teeth."

Today, we will hit the Vatican, or "bank" as our taxi driver called it.   It means crowds but seems essential.   Mainly I like just strolling and stopping and viewing and being here.   I am entranced with all of it.   I realize there really isn't a need to type about the trip, other than to say,  "Come," to Italy just once in your life if you had never been.  I had no idea.   I am grateful for this trip, and though missing home, appreciate the opportunity to be here.  

The birds are vocal and I see why.   Rome - Roma - om - aum - home.   

I walk along the Tiber and see that though we speak of the fall of Rome, the root is strong and the plant blooms long.   I love the plants here, the parks, benches, long ivy that hangs down red this time of year, the texture of the bark of the trees, the leaves, and then there are the umbrellas under which to shelter from sun and rain.  I seem to love it all.

Come!!   Rome isn't fallen.   Its root, like the root of love, passion, and life,  is strong.  


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