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The Altar of Peace!

It is Tuesday afternoon in Rome, actually evening.  It is almost six, though since daylight savings time went off this last Sunday, it feels like seven.  


I wonder if since language influences our music, if plants, too, those that surround us, also influence the way we take root and hold the sky. 


Today, I begin to feel tired.  Bells now chime.  I perk with that, as I wonder if there is a let-down when we know it is time to go home, a recognition of what it takes to be in a foreign place where everything and even the language is new.


The rain stopped so I headed out again across our local bridge to the Museo Dell’Ara Pacis, which we circled the first day we were here, but I hadn’t gone in.  I see a full rainbow as I cross the bridge, arcing all its colors, leading me like a light.


The museum, designed by the architect, Richard Meier, is a beautiful modern building of glass and white.  I am disoriented at first as I compare the serenity inside with the ancient buildings rising outside and the vehicles zooming by.   Too many time periods and variations on speed. 



If you are interested, here is some information on it. 




You can click on the left side and see what Augustus built and the modern home.  Oddly, by our sensibilities, the altar of peace was used to offer sacrifices to the gods.


If you want to feel we aren’t the only one with screwy politics, read some of this:




Maybe we need the insanity of politics to push us even further into evaluating what really matters. 


I stepped downstairs to be touched by an exhibit by Bruno Munari.  I am entranced with his creativity, his innovative work with perception.  I begin to ground even as he opens and closes dimensions. He is an original thinker, and entices sensing in new ways.  Amazingly, since I have just seen a rainbow, I respond even more viscerally to his statement that:


“I sought to communicate what others don’t see, for example, a rainbow edgewise.”


He also has this to say:


“The egg has a perfect form even though it comes out of a butt.”


“Returning to Italy after a solo exhibition in Japan in 1965, I was flying over the pole.  I realized that sunrise and sunset are the same thing seen from two different points of view.”


“Complicating things is easy, simplifying them is hard.”


“Simplification is a sign of intelligence. There is an old Chinese saying that goes: Things that cannot be expressed in a few words also cannot be expressed in many.”


I walk outside, sit by the fountain, toss a coin for Joan, read about another church, and walk around the archaeological site. 


I am with these words of Umberto Eco, presented at the Munari exhibit.


“Munari people are forced to have a thousand eyes: on their nose, the back of the head, their shoulders, their fingers, their rear ends….”


It seems like the way to live.  I have the window open so I can hear the rain pound down, mixed in with sirens, horns, and bells.  Gong, gong, going, gone!




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