Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

It is the day!

Our power went off last night at 3:30 PM, which is pretty typical of the first big rain storm.  I made a fire and lit candles and we had sandwiches, so my planned soup did not happen, and we sat in the dark and watched the fire and flames, grateful it wasn't tonight that we lost power.  That would have been a tragedy, although I'm sure we could have found a place with power to watch.  

I keep reading how the GOP is manipulating the voter rolls, and I feel frightened.  I feel frightened about how they have stolen two elections and there are questions about who was behind 9-11.   It has always felt to me that those who benefited were those in power.  Can we stop them at this point?  I am also astonished that the GOP propaganda has worked to the extent that people in this country will say on TV that Obama is not a Christian and is a terrorist and that Sarah Palin is the one with ethics when she is the main one responsible for these lies.  These are frightening times, and, again, it is a test as to how each of us stays with our own integrity.

I know all of us will be a bit on edge today as we watch the numbers come in.  I feel there is no way we can't win, and yet, if all the votes are not counted in the swing states, then, I begin to feel a bit nervous.   I have always felt that one's conscience is the true guide,  that integrity triumphs, and right and wrong have a place of clarity, but what I am seeing of the church in Wasilla to which Sarah Palin belongs and where she preaches is beyond the pale.  I used to read a great deal of science fiction.   In some cases, the religious fringe would take over and it would be the end of the world, and I know it is essential that each of us today "keep the faith," that honesty and integrity eventually do win.

May tonight bring us peace and Barack Obama as our next president, and may we be able to keep our hearts open to all those who are so deceived by the lies of the GOP.


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