Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


It occurs to me now that it seems that the Palin supporters are often white and working class.  One woman said that Obama looks on them as "white trash."    The obvious conclusion is that is how she sees herself.  I see nothing in him that would invite that conclusion, so it is about her, and the work in this election is to somehow make everyone feel good enough about themselves, that someone like Palin can't manipulate people into believing they are less than they are.

She is the one who set up the divisiveness, the charge of elitism.   We are just living our lives, to the best of our expectations of ourselves.  We are the ones who honor the choices each person makes.   We want unity, honoring, integrity, but it can't be orchestrated until each person feels good about who they are, about where they were born, and what they were born into.

That is what we need.   Each person in this country needs to feel good enough about themselves that they can't be manipulated into the divisiness that Palin and McCain have orchestrated.   May Obama win and healing begin and government be used, as it was originally intended in this country, for the good and advancement, if they want it, of all.


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