Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I feel such peace this morning, contentment, hope. I thought McCain's speech and manner were the old McCain. I am grateful for that. We unite and work together. The circumstances are dire, and any thinking person is aware of that. I am thrilled with the states that went blue. I think McCain has to see that the states that supported him are filled with people who won't vote for a Black. It show how far off message and intent he got. He was unable to sway.

It is something to hand this to Barack Obama and to feel so comfortable that he can hand it back to us, give us the reins to each take charge and work together.

Sacrifice is a given at this point. Tom Brokaw said this is like 1941. We are in a war, a war to save our country.

I am disappointed on proposition 8. I think this map shows what happened.


It shows the division within the state, just as the election shows the division in the country. Barack Obama is going to reassure those who were afraid of a Black president. They are going to see that he truly does embody the Christian values they espouse. This proposition will appear again and maybe a few more years can reassure those who are afraid that their marriages are threatened by allowing others to unite in and show and share their love, to receive the legal benefits and protection they deserve. We made huge progress in electing Obama. I sit with that.

The word "awe" was used last night as to the crowds. Also, the word reverent. I'm sure we all saw Jesse Jackson's face streaming wtih tears. Ah, now mine pool. I think now of all we have all overcome. This victory means so much in so many ways that I don't think we can even absorb it yet. We have a beautiful first family, and skin color will no longer determine what a person can do. There is a permission in this that we each find our own level, our own niche. I think of all the colors of the fish in the sea. No one ever thought to say that blue fish were more special than yellow ones. This achievement is huge.

I think now of the word gravity. We have a president who will treat the office with dignity, who will allow his intellect and compassion to pour through and inspire the changes that need to be made.

Some bought into the idea we could spend money we didn't have. It is clear that formula doesn't work. Now, we begin to make up the deficit, unite, and get our people, energy, and ideas to work.

It is curious as to blogging. My blog did not begin as a political statement, and then, I became consumed. I wonder now what the light of this day brings. I am curious to see.

For each of us this is a new day, and yes, I am aware that it may be time to make sure that a few people find their next term in jail. For now, though, it is a day of peace, celebration, gratitude, and ease.


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