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Education -

I was shocked to read that Sarah Palin thought that Africa was a country, not a continent.  It reminded me of Bush's statement, "Is our children learning?"  It would appear not.

I remember learning that we can't heal what we can't feel.   If our world is so narrow, that we are unable to see and celebrate the differences between and among us, then, how can we work to ensure that life is good for everyone.  I suppose if you think that the world began 6000 years ago despite all evidence to the contrary, you can blind yourself to the different countries and peoples on the planet and think there are two, us and them, but as I read of the transition of the Obama's to the White House I see how fully they embody what we need to see represented.

When Obama speaks of parents feeling concern about sending their children to college, I think of Sarah Palin who doesn't even seem to feel concern that her children finish high school.   Education is about curiosity, and experiencing and integrating different forms of knowing, about celebrating diversity, and then, coming to know where you personally stand, so you can process and celebrate your own unique niche.

I watched Zach on the playground yesterday.  He is not even three and yet he is aware that he was once afraid of the bouncy bridge, and now there are others who are, and so he mustn't bounce when they are on it.  He puts the needs of another above his own while staying true to himself.   Bararck said the Republicans called him a Socialist because they heard he shared his toys in kindergarten.   We socialize our children early.  We teach them there our needs of others as well as their own.   We allow them toys that are only their's, and we teach them when it is time to share.

Somehow, Bush became president.  He seemed to not understand these basic concepts.  Now, Palin almost slipped in.   She never held a press conference and yet people voted for her, because as one Louisianan, an otherwise intelligent friend of a friend of mine said, "She is perty."   We must learn to differentiate looks and the surface from integrity, intelligence, complex thought and depth.   My cat Bella is beautiful and very smart within her world, but she could not handle the presidency.  At least she is smart enough to know that.  She has no desire to run, so don't nominate her next time around.  She has her section of the couch to warm.

I believe we now unite in the celebration and practice of sanity, compassion, logic, integrity, and intelligence, manifest our ability to utilize not only an opposable thumb but also welcome and celebrate the complexity of thought.  

May each of us now expand our world even more  to further embrace the differences in others, and better integrate our own.

A joyful, celebratory Thursday to All!!


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