Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

All root canals are not created equal -


I go happily to the endodontist.  Her office is on the bay and I’m told a root canal is not a big deal anymore.  Wrong!

I am placed in my chair at 10, happy to watch the tide, gulls, waves.

She determines I need the root canal through hot and cold, pressure and another x-ray.  She also says I have an abscess so will need antibiotics.  She immediately numbs me in three sensitive places and says the procedure is no big deal, one hour, in and out, and then, it begins.  She drills and drills and drills and pokes and prods and drills and I can’t talk as I am in some sort of apparatus and I wonder what is going on and I know time is passing and she drills and drills and pokes and prods and drills and I’m starting to think I’m in the hands of Sarah Palin. Finally I’m told we’re near the end.  I’m too whoozy at this point to even feel grateful.  More x-rays are taken and drilling and poking and prodding, and when she finally finishes and I can talk, I ask what happened.

The nerve had died and calcified, so it was difficult to get through.  She had to get all the calcification out.  That took time.  Then, it seems I have four canals, not three, so it was really crowded working in there to replace them with plastic.  If she got all the infection, I’m done.  If not, I may need a new crown.

When I stand up dizzily, it is 1:00.  I have been in the chair three hours.  The numbing is wearing off, so I need to take an Ibuprofen immediately, they say, and it needs to be taken with food, so I stagger to the deli next door and get some chicken noodle soup and eat it by the water.

I go to get my prescription for the antibiotics filled, and while waiting walk carefully to our local organic Café Del Sol, and enjoy a Compassion drink or maybe it was Enlightenment of Carrot, Beet, and Orange Juice.  I come home, pull a blanket over me, and fall into a deep sleep on the couch.

When I wake, there is swelling, throbbing, and pain.  I take another super-duper Ibuprofen, but it is difficult to talk through the swelling and I will soon go back to sleep.  The good news is that the infection has been sapping my energy, and I should soon, well, within three or four days, be a ball of fire.  I look out now at the moon.  I think I prefer to be a moon right now, and reflect the sun, not be it.




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