Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Awake in the night -

I am awake in the night, not a surprise since I went to bed so early. I love this early, very early, morning time.

I read Mudfalts, something that might not exist without Sarah Palin. Here is an enticing look at what it is was like to be in Chicago at Grant Park on the night of Obama's election.


I peruse the other Mudflats posts and see that Palin brought back with her to Alaska 17 or 18 new suitcases of loot. I think what has always amazed me about her is her lack of humility and grace. It is always someone else's fault. Some, in her position, might say it all went to my head and maybe I went a bit overboard with other peoples' credit cards, but, no, in her case, it is that other people are "jerks." "It's not fair and it's not right." Some might say it is not fair and it is not right to steal and lie. That is what is not right. Some might look at themselves.

One might think this would be a time of reflection for her, a time to wonder what gave her the right to personally come out with the Ayers slander, to think she knew so much when she knew so little. I have always admired humility, the person who slowly leads you into their wisdom, kind of like a melting hot fudge sundae, when you suddenly realize the majority of the dark chocolatey sauce is gooped up there on the bottom of the bowl, waiting for discovery. Ah, maybe I'm beginning to feel hungry again though sugar certainly doesn't appeal.

I am grateful that with this with Ayers is allowing us to again look at Vietnam and the mistakes made there. Who are the real heroes from that time period? Is there a place to acknowledge that freedom is questioning and delving into conscience and integrity?

Many years ago, I read a book on the shadow of American, on how we are only able to perceive ourselves as the "good guys." What I love so much about Obama is that he says up front he will make mistakes. We all make mistakes and then, we learn from them. We adjust. That is what it is to be alive.

The person who thinks she can't make a mistake and hasn't made one is now back where she belongs, and we can all breathe a little easier, as the complexity that is life renews and brews. We have a leader. Obama says we can only have one president at a time. Well, since we've been rudderless for quite a while, it seems there is plenty of room for him to step in and he is. Our plate is full, and complexity of thought is here in a way that we have not seen for a long time. He inherits a disaster and his shirtsleeves are rolled up, and he begins. We begin.

It is a new day, and where I am, it is still dark and light is on its way.

I give thanks for Barack Obama and what he and those he has chosen and those who have chosen him bring to the world.

We have hope and yes, we can bring that hope like an extra feather in the wing of true freedom to ourselves and through that to the world.


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