Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Life and Death -

It is said that the veil this time of year between the living and the dead is thin.   It may be why I've been awake in the very early morning hours ever since we returned.

I am wide awake.  

Those of you who have been with me awhile know that this time last year young Mitchell left us, went unconscious on November 11th, and passed on November 12th.  It was a traumatic and painful time, and yet, uplifting, too, as he reached to communicate with those of us who felt a connection with him.   Though I never met him in the flesh, I knew him and his spirit through the blog his family kept, and  he knew me through mine.   For some reason, Mitchell communicates with me through a grasshopper.  Thursday morning, a grasshopper and I spent some peaceful time together.  It is most unusual for a grasshopper to be here at the house, but certainly it is unheard of on an early cold November morning, but my grasshopper friend was resting on the middle of the chair when I peeked outside.  I sat on the chair next to him.

I first met grasshopper on a rock on Mt. Tam, a rock that overlooks the whole Bay area and is a place I love to go.

I think we are more connected than we realize and sometimes we are reminded. 

At 7, PST,  on November 11th, Veteran's Day, candles will be lit, so Mitchell knows how much we are thinking of him, colored candles.  It seems that white signifies sending the spirit away, and on this one night, we want to beckon his spirit back.  I think he is here.  If you would like to participate, light a colored candle Tuesday night.  

We unite in love, hope, and prayer in the constant changing of the tides of releasing those we love who have died, and asking them back for a prayer.  I have felt my parents close in this election of Barack Obama, in a return to knowing we unite to benefit the whole, and I cannot be happy with my daily bread at the cost and expense of yours.  

We are in this together, My Friends, and I must say that feels really good to me.

Candlelight.  It is that time of year!


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