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Polls -

I read in the Huffington Post that:

Rasmussen Reports, in a new poll published Friday, has some interesting data on how Republicans still have overwhelming positive feelings about Palin:

Ninety-one percent (91%) of Republicans have a favorable view of Palin, including 65% who say their view is Very Favorable. Only eight percent (8%) have an unfavorable view of her, including three percent (3%) Very Unfavorable.

When asked to choose among some of the GOP's top names for their choice for the party's 2012 presidential nominee, 64% say Palin. The next closest contenders are two former governors and unsuccessful challengers for the presidential nomination this year -- Mike Huckabee of Arkansas with 12% support and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts with 11%.

Three other sitting governors - Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Charlie Crist of Florida and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota - all pull low single-digit support.

I think this says two things.   One is that very few people will admit to being a Republican at this point so that 91% could be 9.1 of 10 very limited people, or the Republican Party is in even sadder shape than we realized.  I think McCain would have been closer with a decent sidekick.  That the Republican party seemed unable to produce one, says it all.   This really does make me question the wording and reliability of polls though.  Did the poll offer any reasonable or responsible choices?   In light of the results of this poll, one must assume that this one did not.


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