Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

Steve left for Shanghai early this morning.   Jeff, Chris, and Jan were here yesterday, always the most special of treats.  There is nothing to equal seeing one's children.  We planned our Thanksgiving, which will be like all of our Thanksgivings, shared and here, beginning with Bloody Mary's and stuffed celery and going from there.

I seem to have lost my voice or at least it has sunk into deep registers which make it rather difficult and painful to speak.  I thought all that I was feeling was due to the root canal, but perhaps I have caught a cold too.   Anyway, as I have said, this is the time of honoring Mitchell's passing and it brings up the passing of my cousin Greg this year.  I have decided to use these two days for meditation, retreat and recovery from the election campaign.

One thing I've learned in my years of study is that it is as important to honor the inhalation, the exhalation and the pause.  This is my pause.  The news comes with all the depressing things that may or may not happen and I want to stay with the victory of Barack Obama, our first president of this younger generation.  I believe one has to honor and give thanks for achievement, that gratitude in life is key to receive more gifts.   I see that each religion has a day of rest, a time for fasting, a place to absorb and ingest no more for a time.  I think it is essential that we each create space for that honoring when we feel the need or when opportunity presents. 

This is my day to hold the sky over me like a blanket and welcome the microrganisms in the ground of my being into awareness.

Rest.  Peace.

The Opening of Eyes
That day I saw beneath dark clouds
The passing light over the water
And I heard the voice of the world speak out
I knew then as I have before
Life is no passing memory of what has been
Nor the remaining pages of a great book
Waiting to be read
It is the opening of eyes long closed
It is the vision of far off things
Seen for the silence they hold
It is the heart after years of secret conversing
Speaking out loud in the clear air
It is Moses in the desert fallen to his knees
Before the lit bush
It is the man throwing away his shoes
As if to enter heaven and finding himself astonished
Opened at last
Fallen in love
With Solid Ground
~  David Whyte ~
(Songs for Coming Home)


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