Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Surrender -

I have decided to admit I am sick and worn out.  I call two people and cancel plans.  One offers to go to the grocery store for me.  The other says she will make organic chicken soup and bring it over to me tomorrow.

Now, how hard was that to surrender and say I am worn out and need a space to rest and collapse?   Sometimes hard for me.  I hope it is not hard for you.

I told a fog story from yesterday.  I have another one.   The fog comes in all different ways here, is constant entertainment, and we miss it when it is gone for more than a few days.   Yesterday, it was sneaking around a huge land mass, long and slow, and Zack said, "It looks like a dragon," and it did, a Chinese dragon or a regular dragon, but a dragon for sure.  Zach knows his landscape.   We saw a house that looked deserted and sad, desolate.  Zach said he wouldn't go there.  He seemed to know there was no cheering up that house.   We saw many deer, welcoming the evening light.  Zach knows the seasons, knows it is autumn, and the leaves change color and fall, and knows the times of day.   The sun set with a cheek of pink.  

When the fisherman asked Zach if he knew what a crab was, he did a side-ways dance on the pier.  I am moving slowly today, my advancement a slow side-ways crawl, and that, too, is okay.   I'm finally getting the message that this healing requires rest.


Be - Do - Rest - Renew.   Be with what is yours for the day.

Mine is to travel with a tissue box by my side all day.


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