Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Charlotte Selver -

I am inspired today to open a book to words of Charlotte Selver, my teacher of Sensory Awareness for many years, and still she ignites my life, even after her death.


We have been thoroughly deprived of trusting the inner wisdom which each person has in him or her self.
There lies great unused richness in us, which we gradually have to dig out and develop.

When you get to it, you will be astonished by what comes into the open which you didn't know was there. 

So the question would be:  is there a state possible in which we can be without watching and judging...
       simply awake?

Is it possible that we could feel more deeply and fully what we happen to do in the moment, and allow our fuller contact with it? So that not the past and not the future and not the anger about what happened two minutes ago or ten years ago stands in our way and holds us back - but we are all there for what is now.

There is a certain relationship which I have to have with my inner functioning - that of respect
      and that of wonder.

Who is resisting or pushing?  So what?   Why not?
You have to taste it, you must accept it.
You must see that there is a world of resistance,
of taking over, of watching out, of constantly planning.

By and by you will feel it is not necessary
and you will give it up.
In fact, it gives itself up.
But it will never give itself up when you don't recognize it.
You have to recognize it and not punish yourself for it. 

In order to come to the true, you have to notice the untrue.

I like always to speak about how "it" wants to be.
In other words, the message comes from inside.

When I was in Japan, I met a girl who had spent several years in an ashram in the United States, and two years in Japan.  She was very beautiful, but she sat all the time with her eyes closed.  She said she was listening to her inner music.  We were on a train, traveling through a most interesting landscape, but she saw nothing of it.

I asked her how she felt about the many sad things that were happening in the world today, and if she did anything about them.

She said, "Before I can do anything for anyone else, I must find out more about myself."

Imagine!  For nine years she had been trying to find out about herself, going through the world with her eyes closed!

I sit with Charlotte's words as I allow the balancing of inner and outer, the recognition of all as one.  When I feel the vibrations and movement within, I am more aware of vibration and movement in the landscape enveloping me.  

Savor what animates your being and mine.  Enjoy the play!



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