Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Responsibility -

Mr. Patil, the cabinet minister in charge of domestic security in India took "moral responsibility" and resigned after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last week.   Leadership has responsibility and accountability and part of that is you resign when something happens on your watch.  Why then have CEO's in this country been allowed to run companies into the ground and still collect obscene amounts of money?  It makes no sense or cents.

One might also wonder why no one was fired after 9-11.  It seems someone or many someones were not paying the kind of attention they are paid to observe.

It is the first day of December.  A wall of fog is wrapping my house.  I can see the redwood tree and the rest is gauze, a soft wrap for my eyes.   Each day brings a little more darkness, aware time for what simmers within and requests integration with what is out.  The fog pulls back now and I see a little beyond the deck and soon the hills will reveal.   The fog here is a friend, a muscled animal with many moods.


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