Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

What is wrong with Republicans?

Last spring I went to Sacramento to rally to keep our state parks open and to keep lifeguards on the beach. These are things tourists expect when they come to CA and they come here and spend a great deal of money so it is a win-win. What I learned is that the Republicans have signed a vow to not raise taxes in CA. They have no plan though for what to do to keep the state operating. Our governor is a Republican and they will not work with him. I don't understand why.

Those who are elected are expected to serve us and if taxes are needed to pay our bills, and keep our schools open, then, taxes need to be increased.

A sales tax affects those who have money to spend, so increasing the percentage seems like a plausible solution. There is no sales tax on food purchased at the grocery store. I do not understand why the Republicans are refusing to compromise on this issue, especially when they offer no solution to what is clearly a crisis.



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