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Peace -

Today, when I learned my friend was volunteering at the Muir Beach Holiday Crafts Fair, and since it is a ten minute beautiful country drive, I bundled up and headed out in the car to the beach. When I arrived, I saw she was womanning the table for books written by authors in Muir Beach. Who could resist? Not I.

Then, a woman arrived with a colorful children's book and room was made on the table for the new book, plus a letter from Barack Obama. As I listened, I realized the woman who wrote the book is the mother of Lori, and the creator of the little gazebo that I love that I took Zach to on Wednesday, the one dedicated to Lori, the child who died. I met Lori's childhood friend, who is now an adult. Lori died at the age of seven and was in second grade. The whole thing seemed amazing, especially since when I left, I was involved in discussions about how we might bring peace to the Middle East.

I bought Barbara Meislin's book. It is called No One Can Ever Steal Your Rainbow. It is a true story and all proceeds from the sale of the book benefit Neve Shalom / Wahat al-Salam, The Oasis of Peace and other charitable organizations that enhance the lives of children.

And the letter from Barack Obama: Before he was ever running for president, she sent the book to Obama for his daughters. He hand-wrote a beautiful note back, including his book, Audacity of Hope. He is a gracious man and we have a president of whom we can be proud. I look at him now trying to fix Bush's mess and what is Bush up to? As usual, nobody knows, not even Bush himself.

Buy this book. Peace will twirl the world round and round.

These are the words on the floor of the gazebo by the bay that I love.

Beloved Little Lady Lori Margo Meislin * Child of Sunlight * Child of Starlight * Child of Moonlight Grace * Shine your Joyous Light of Love * on All Who Find This Place, (and then there is a swirl and a star.)

I have found this place over and over, so Lori's light shines on and in me, and through me, to you.

In August, 2007, the Marin Dance Theater choreographed and performed, "No One Can Ever Steal Your Rainbow."

And no one can!



Obviously it is best to buy the book from your "local independent bookstore," but no matter how you purchase it, I think it is a great gift for anyone, child, or adult.

I left the Muir Beach Community Center and went up to the overlook, where I looked up and down the coast, at ocean, rocks, hills, mountains, all beautiful and natural as can be, except for one narrow trickle of a road. Peace!


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