Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

hmmmmm -

We had a very fine wine with dinner, so I may have over-imbibed and I hate to post slightly tipsy - did I say slightly, but it felt like a very special day in a variety of ways and so we were celebrating and now I read this through vibrant non-sober incredible specially saved red-wine enhanced eyes.


SFMOMA show sees art in science. Are you kidding?

Descartes separated mind from body - "I think, therefore, I am," but there is no need, no need at all, to separate art from science.

Unity! Unity!! Unity!!! How many ways can it be said?

And before we rescue the car companies, which it seems we are doing, let's look at who really owns them and who siphons off money. Who do we support? It is hard not to feel a wee bit discouraged and my optimism continually spins, because I believe it must. Optimism breeds like rabbits, and we all know how quickly the joy of breeding means more and more bunnies, more and more cheer.

Today I spent with really good people and I give thanks for that.

This world is made of really good people. One can only stand open-mouthed, open-eyed, amazed at the wonder of we humans and how much we love to give, do, produce, and share.

Be Care!! It is a wonderful world in which we live!!

I am so impressed with the beauty, power and spirit of the people and the world in which we live.

I continue to meet the most amazing people. I give thanks for that. Think of those you know. Think of yourself. Don't you feel happy and grateful to know such gifts?

Forgive, in your joy and gratitude, an inebriated post, and oh, my, it was a very fine wine, grapes carefully picked and oh, so wisely aged, just right, like each and every day of life!

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