Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I was going to say the sky is confused today, as it has offered clarity, clouds, and hail this morning, and then, I thought why can't I view this state of change as exhilarating and when I see a range of motion in my mind also greet it with excitement and joy of novelty, instead of asking for focus and decisiveness.   Mind clears when required. 

A woman in my book group works for the county in social services.  They have appointments for twenty people a day which has been adequate until the last month.   You can't make an appointment ahead,  so you come on that day.  Now there are fifty people needing appointments each day and they are lining up earlier and earlier to get one of the twenty slots.  They line up at seven with their children.  It was hailing this morning at seven.   We are a society of vast wealth.  How can this happen here?

The poem comes my way this morning.  I think we need a deepening exchange at the nuclear level of compassion and care.

The Conjugation of the Paramecium

by Muriel Rukeyser

This has nothing
to do with

The species
is continued
as so many are
(among the smaller creatures)
by fission

(and this species
is very small
next in order to
the amoeba, the beginning one)

The paramecium
achieves, then,
by dividing

But when
the paramecium
desires renewal
strength another joy
this is what
the paramecium does:

The paramecium
lies down beside
another paramecium

Slowly inexplicably
the exchange
takes place
in which
some bits
of the nucleus of each
are exchanged

for some bits
of the nucleus
of the other

This is called
the conjugation of the paramecium.

"The Conjugation of the Paramecium" by Muriel Rukeyser, from The Speed of Darkness. © W. W. Norton, 1968. 


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