Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

It is raining and still dark though it is almost seven.  I light a candle to accompany me as i sit at the computer looking out on blackness and listening to the rain.

This is an introspective time.  I believe it is important to honor that.   Sunday will be the shortest day of the year, a sacred day in my opinion, a day to say to ourselves, okay what goes on in the darkness, deeply churning sweet dreams inside.

Everest is called by those who live there, the "churning stick of existence."  It is believed all souls circle it when they die.  Steve's mother died when I was up in the mountains there, out of all contact for a month, and yet, I felt her, felt her release.

I think it is important to turn out the lights this time of year and sit in candlelight and firelight if that is possible for you.   Cook those long-simmering recipes.  Bake.  Nurture yourself.   Hold words like pearls.   Write haiku, 17 syllables with meaning just for you.

I also think listing forty things that you have done, will never do, and still want to do is important, because it prioritizes your life.  I realized this morning I will spend more time in Inverness and Point Reyes this year, go to more museums.   That is not a luxury for me;  it is a necessity.  What will you do today to nourish yourself.  Write it down.  List it here or in a private, special place.   Don't forget to nourish yourself during these holidays.  You are the most important of all.

Think of Santa.   He doesn't do much up there at the North Pole.  The elves do the work.  He orchestrates a little, checks some lists, drinks hot chocolate and eats cookies, and then, he drives a sleigh.   Be kind to yourself.   Be Santa.

Yesterday I was in the East Bay on Fourth Street meeting a friend and then, Chris.   Santa wasn't busy, so kept waving at me to come in to sit on his lap or be with him in his sleigh.  I was tempted but didn't do it.  I realize now I should have.   Be with the Santa in yourself.  Ho, Ho, Ho, merrily along your way, and give time to sip the rich, deep darkness of these days.   There is richness in the deep, sweet nourishment in the dark.  Be the kindness that lights the way!


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