Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning Flow -

Jane met a man this weekend who informed her he is getting his Ph’D in “Deliciousness” at UCSF.  He is studying neuroscience, but what an attitude that describes a study of neuroscience as deliciousness.  I am enchanted.  Here is my attempt to describe what deliciousness means to me.



Delicious apples,
red, dense, crunchy, mushy,
tucked into lunch boxes,
and picnic baskets,
like pansies,
thoughtful as hugs shared,
while oatmeal steams,
filling the room
with dreams
of matter
warm enough
to probe
this living,
and leap,
into piles
of leaves,
and whipped cream -



Deliciousness is
the bite into the look
of the bay
as it sizzles
under the sun,
reflecting sky and clouds,
while fish nibble
its legs and toes,
and cormorants dive
like meteors,
and ducks bob,
like apples.

Wobbling moons
to and fro,
like the eating of life
as it fruits and grows -



Delicious is the tongue,
exploring mouth,
teeth, ridge,
seeping, secreting
layers that birth.
Silent the cave,
from which words emerge,
until they are spoken,
and firmly heard.
They need the tools,
the lever, the pulley,
of throat, heart, gut,
the trumpet that curves,
from mouth to ears,
passing sound,
like hors d’oeuvres,
and dessert.


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