Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Cocooning -

We are blessed with rain this year and cool temperatures.   Perfect!!    My family gathers early today and we snuggle into a cocoon of love for the next few days.

Well, there is always love, but we confine it for a few days in a concentrated space.   Laser Love.    My brother and his family are celebrating in Paris,so there is a European spur to our celebration too.   They will dine at the Eiffel Tower on Christmas day, 7 PM Paris time, 10 AM, our time. 

The world gets smaller and smaller.  The victory of Barack Obama was celebrated around the world.  I believe in people, in what they can do.  A strong brainwashing has gone through this country, a mass hypnotism that might be viewed as frightening, and my hope and intent for this new year is that we do come together and spray love, love, love with every breath and thought.   I see it as possible.  Imagine the ease when we breathe intention for fresh air, clean water, shared resources, and for the women of the Congo, extra-strong prayer.  

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