Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

Psychological systems suggest that we each have a variety of characters within, archetypes.  One is the hermit.  My hermit side is strong.  I have often thought of having my little place in the desert, mountains, or by the beach and being self-sufficient, and I also see how I delight in the communication the computer brings to me.  If I am in West Marin, I know I can access the internet at the library.  My lap-top travels with me.  

I met many of you through the internet.   My family and friends were my original readers.  None of them have felt the need to have a blog, so I have met those of you who do, through this, and I appreciate that.   I think we support each other, share something in common.  I know I feel supported by you.  I hope I offer support back.  

I am reading a book called A Book of Silence by Sara Maitland.  
I will pull some quotes from it in the next few days.   I had not recognized or perhaps seen so clearly stated, the complexity of silence, the different styles of it, the weight and light.  I learned about this book through Dave Mason who I met here I believe our connections here will lead to world peace.   We've seen a huge set-back these last few days.  We know the Bushies want war in the Middle East.   The region is complex.   Land that belonged to others was given to the Jewish people so they would have a place of their own.   The idea of taking land from one people and giving it to another was probably a lose-lose set-up in the beginning, though I choose to believe the idea was well-intentioned.  Now, people need to learn to live in peace, and yet, governments love to wield power and control.  They love to bomb.  How do we stop what happens now?

How do we also balance our own intake of world and local news and cultivate moment by moment peace in our own lives.  It is something we do each day, with each breath.  Take care!   This is a fragile time, this end of the year, when the light is new and young.   May we all be peace!


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