Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

New Year's Eve -

We rose early this morning.  I feel a titillation in the air on New Year's Eve, a sense of wonder.  My new calendars are out, a new journal begun.  It is a time to look both backward and forward while balancing this moment on our knees like a child.

The following comes from Writer's Almanac for ways to celebrate the arrival of the new year.  
We will feast at home, and welcome the new year by fire and candlelight.    2009 is soon begun. 

I have been thinking about my New Year's Resolutions.   There is one word that comes to mind and that word is PEACE!!

May we all cleanse in a new awareness that the world is small and it is time for us to learn to get along, both internally and externally.  Peace begins at home, within.  

from Writer's Almanac:   Today is New Year's Eve, the last day of the year.

In Mexico, people eat one grape with each of the 12 clock chimes at midnight, and make a wish for the coming year. In Venezuela, they wear yellow underwear for a year of good luck. In Japan, people eat soba because long thin noodles symbolize longevity, and at midnight, temple bells ring 108 times, matching the 108 attachments in the mind that need to be purified before the New Year.

At midnight in Greece, families cut a cake called a vasilopita, which has a coin baked inside; whoever gets the coin will have a lucky year.

In this country, the most famous celebration is in New York City's Times Square, where up to one million people gather each New Year's Eve to watch a ball drop.

May the ball drop in an explosion of peace as our hearts open with waterfalls flowing with a gentle power that wears down rocks of rigidity, and softens and melts spines not meant to hold hatred, fear, and revenge.    We are made for kindness and understanding.   The Golden Rule is a guide, and when we learn to treat ourselves kindly,  to bathe in acceptance, to gently open and probe the fears of old, then, we can pour, generous with peace, grace,  and ease. 

Peace in 2009!!

Gentle Kindness.  Love.  Care.  Ease.


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