Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Balance -

Now, that it's almost here, I'm starting to feel a little sobered that tomorrow is the day resolutions are meant to take place.

Perhaps I have been too greedy in all my requests for perfection in my New Year.

I'm also sitting with that I do not seem to be a person who is very fond of change.   Life is motion.  It is flux.

I'm going to try and roll a little more easily with the punch. 

Today, we noticed that Bella walked off the side of the deck onto a branch of a tree, and sat in the tree like a bird.   She was content, sitting there among the leaves.  Perhaps I can spend time visualizing myself as different animals and different groups of  people.   I love sow bugs, or roly poly's,  as they are also called.   I visualize myself now curling into a ball and rolling like a wheel up and down hills. 

The books I have been reading lately seem to be about one group of people not understanding another.  I just began reading Serve the People, A Stir-Fried Journey through China by Jen Lin-Liu.   It is a fascinating look at China and includes recipes.  I recommend it.


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