Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

I Am a Strange Loop!!

I started reading Douglas Hofstadter's book, I Am a Strange Loop today.

It is about his exploration of the soul, the I.

I was sitting outside on the deck, contemplating the feel of the sun's rays and considering what the light was experiencing as it left the sun and touched my face, and watching Bella as she looked off the deck, played with a leaf, and washed her paw and face.

I felt so "one" with it all that I couldn't imagine, and maybe I rarely can, thinking of myself as "better than," or higher on some hierarchy than cat, spider, sky.

I look forward to more of this book and suggest it to you as a way to more firmly center your self,  stir your mind,  stimulate your brain, and fizz and consume the year. 

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