Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Life -

Zach, who is three today, informed me that he is afraid of Santa Claus, so Rudolph read the note and ate the cookies.

I thought how easily we can work with our fears.  I knew his eyes had gotten huge at the thought of Santa in his house.  Certainly, Rudolph is a much better guest.   I hope Rudolph is as well-trained on elimination as Zach.

Zach was concerned yesterday that a seagull has deposited quite a pile of poop at the top of the slide.  He checked and it was dry, but seemed quite puzzled at the lack of manners. 

There is so much we take for granted.  I explained that birds eliminate all the time so they can stay light to fly, but I could tell he was really unimpressed that the bird poop was on the slide and so it is.   It is a funny and lovely place we live!!


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