Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Noticing our thoughts -

Last January I was reading The World Without Us by Alan Weisman.  He ends the book with the following words.  Considering our thoughts this way is a huge incentive to make sure they are what we would like to return.   Peace!

“Since the last 19th century, when, beginning with electrons, we got down to manipulating the most fundamental particles of the universe, human life has changed very fast.  One measure of how fast is that, barely a century ago – until Marconi’s wireless and Edison’s phonograph – all the music ever heard on earth was live. Today, a tiny fraction of 1 percent is.  The rest is electronically reproduced or broadcast, along with a trillion words and images each day.

Those radio waves don’t die – like light, they travel on. The human brain also emanates electric impulses at very low frequencies: similar to, but far weaker than, the radio waves used to communicate with submarines.  Paranormalists, however, insist that our minds are transmitters that, with special effort, can focus like lasers to communicate across great distances, and even make things happen.

That may seem far-fetched, but it’s also a definition of prayer. 

The emanations from our brains, like radio waves, must also keep going – where?  Space is now described as an expanding bubble, but that architecture is still a theory.  Along its great mysterious interstellar curvatures, perhaps it’s not unreasonable to think that our thought waves might eventually find their way back here.

Or even that one day – long after we’re gone, unbearably lonely for the beautiful world from which we so foolishly banished ourselves – we, or our memories, might surf home aboard a cosmic electromagnetic wave to haunt our beloved earth.”




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