Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Looking back -

Last February, we saw Dick Gregory and Mort Sahl at our local theater.   Dick Gregory, was 75, and spoke of how the Bushies generate fear.  He said God and fear are opposites.  He pointed out that in the area where I live nannies are paid to change the diapers of the children and the parents walk around with bags to pick up their dog's poop.  He said we could end war by telling people their dogs had to go fight.  People wouldn't tolerate that.  We have a humane society for dogs, but what about people?  What about children?

Mort Sahl had had a stroke two weeks before and yet, even with that, and at 80, he was brilliant.   He, too, felt we were in a different world and not for the better.  He said political candidates used to have fun, tell jokes.  You don't see that now.   They sat up on the stage, answered questions and free-associated.  They spoke of how this was a great country, founded to separate church and state.  It was a night where two wise men spoke and shared.

After the show, Dick Gregory stood at the door and offered hugs.  I got a big hug and a blessing and got to give him a kiss.

We have a president who is younger than many of us now and our generation helped with his election.  I hope that this administration honors the wisdom of the ages as well as bringing forth new ideas and approach.


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