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Peace -

I'm going through a journal from 96 and come across this article I'd pulled from Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.

n her memoir, The Stones Cry Out, Molyda Szymusiak, a young Cambodian woman, tells a true story that began when a friend of her uncle's had a dream. In the dream, a buddha was moaning from the mud of a pond, "Help me out of here, my friend!" Guided by this dream, the two men found their way to a dry river bed, where a large bronze buddha lay in the bottom of the silt. Most statues found in this way had been decapitated, but this one was intact. The girl's uncle wanted to rescue the statue, but his friend was too frightened. To be caught in such an act was a crime punished by death by the Khmer Rouge. That evening the uncle returned to the spot alone. He asked a passerby to help him, but the man treated him as if he were crazy.

..... So he prayed, "Lord Buddha, I'm alone and you're too heavy. But if you wish it, you can become light." He stretched his muscles, his feet sank into the slime, but the statue moved. He pushed it closer to the edge and with a last effort hoisted it up onto the grassy bank ... He told my father he felt as if he were carrying something like a big rock, no heavier than one or two bricks.... Shortly afterward we all left that area, and I don't know what happened to the statue, but my uncle always said to his children, "Only bodies may be killed.  Take care to keep peace in your heart."


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