Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Safety -

My sense of war is that a few want power, but that most just want to feel safe.

We live in a structure, permeable, our skin, and then, we put up walls and more walls around that.

If we have a house, we most likely have a fence, and, then, divisions, boundaries, welcomings and pauses upon approach. In the Middle Ages, if we lived in Europe, we may have lived in a walled city, doors closed at night, safety.

I have been reading The Elephant and the Dragon by Robyn Meredith. If you want a place to focus on what needs to be done, read this. What India and China are doing is phenomenal, not good for the environment, but, phenomenal nonetheless. Of course, we buy the products that cost so much in pollution to produce. The threat is economic right now. That is real.

Meanwhile, we are arguing over who is right or wrong in an area so complex that no determination will ever be found. How then do we make it possible for people to thrive and get along after generations and generations of conflict?

There is an article today in the NY Times on how one can take a drug and grow longer eyelashes. Of course, there are some side effects, but what the heck, longer eyelashes to bat at another, another fence.


How can we continue to spend so much money on distraction? We have to face the fear within, fear that is primal and know that walls, boundaries, countries, do not protect us from inner and outer lobs. I think in each of us there is a desire for that safe cave, but the only safety is knowing peace within.

That is the place to focus as we strive to find a way for each country to live in a way that supports its own people and the people of the world.


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