Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The Lord's Prayer!

I was a bit uncomfortable with the use of the Lord's Prayer yesterday by Rick Warren. I wasn't sure how welcoming it was to all and no faiths.

I discussed it with Jane this morning and she said the Lord's Prayer was intended to be said privately, and not for show. It is not meant to say look how worshipful I am. It is also about perseverance, something this administration will clearly need, that, and patience. There, it is appropriate.

The following article has this to say:

By praying in public, on street corners and in synagogues they were again seeking the favor from men, not from God. Jesus told the crowd to do good deeds in secret, and to pray in secret and that the Father would then reward them openly. And as they were praying to the Father in secret, in v.9-13, he told them what to pray in secret, and that was Lord's prayer.”

This is one look at the origin of the Lord's Prayer.



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