Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Delight -

My car needed to go into the shop for a part today, so I headed up the freeway in the dark and rain to get in line. They said I could wait in the lounge, but the TV was on and my nervous system recoils from mindless talk and advertising, so out I went for a walk to a not so near cafe.

There, I read some of the essays in This I Believe II. If you want to feel inspired about life and living, get this book, or the first one, or read online.


I walked over to the bay in what was now mist and discovered a beautiful path that parallels the bay and winds through the marsh. Pure heaven!

I enjoyed a different view of the Richmond Bridge and from where I sat, could see two of the lifts on the bridge augmented by the lift of a little island so it was like a pyramid of hills.

I stopped for rocks and plants and came home to work in the rain in the yard. We have been so desperate for rain that we are thrilled it has returned. Everything is beautiful, wet, and green. Hooray!

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