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I make an effort to make my tax deductible contributions before the end of the year, so today, I am surprised to see an urgent email notice from my friend Tom Kiernan at the National Parks Conservation Association telling me I need to renew now or the national park system will come to an end.

I go to my desk.   There is my thank you for renewing on December 22, 2008, signed by my dear friend Tom.   There is also a paper reminder for me to renew.   I know that every organization is doing this and I consider it unethical.   I want to support the organizations I believe in, and I want to support them once a year, and not be made to feel guilty every month of the year.

I send an email to Tom Kiernan, and I'll see what his lackeys send back.   I know that I am often now renewing more than once because of the paper and email reminders, but here I sit with my colorful membership card proving I am a member of NPCA until the end of 2009.  I do not appreciate this kind of harassment, and this is part of the stress that leads people to say no more, and turn off their communications systems.  We are being taken advantage of.    Obama wasn't in office two minutes before I was receiving urgent email notices that I had to send money to fight for this and fight for that.  For God and Goddess sake!    This is the first time I ever gave money to elect a political candidate but I felt this election was important.  Now, let's give Obama some time to do his job.  He is very aware of what I want.  I want this country to operate ethically and morally.  I trust that he can figure that out without me sending more money right now.

Enough is enough!

So, the above is  my rant.  I have now within the hour received a reply explaining that this was their first online appeal for renewal and that the lists must have gotten mixed up, so I am happy and pleased.  I then explained that I do appreciate an online reminder rather than a paper one, so maybe now paper is saved and I can continue to contribute to an organization I respect and that, unfortunately,  is greatly needed.

Now I get another reply to my reply so I now think this is the greatest organization on the planet.  Give to NPCA!

Join and toss in a little extra.  It is a great cause!!



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