Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I again received a letter from Joan and wrote her one back.   Turning off the computer works for her.  Her decision allows me to monitor more carefully mine.  I continue to see how much I learn here.  I don't feel I am addicted as I once was, but I appreciate the communication and shared learning, the ups and downs we share, and the different points of view.   I am happy to be here.  There is a rumor that rain may come our way but again I look out on sunshine, and that, too, is okay.   I learned yesterday that the groundhog is right 33% of the time, so it is rather like reading a movie review by Mick LaSalle in the SF Chronicle.  The truth may sway.

We are like a school of fish,

Meeting to discuss the possibility

Of the existence of an ocean.

-Coleman Barks

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