Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I look out on great beauty. The Redwood stretches its limbs with green and the acacia flowers are bright yellow and plump with scent. There are red pyracantha berries for the birds.

Yesterday was a day of inner exploration, of feeling ever more deeply what spirituality means to each of us in the group, of going back to the very beginnings to feel what our "soul purpose" might be. I am simmering with that this morning, not needing a verbal definition, but feeling new rivers within as though ice is melting in some places and childhood holdings and teachings are letting go. We arrive here loose and open and then, society and family provide a structure. We need a structure, obviously, but the idea is to internalize it and make it our own and not imposed.

I love the Sufi meditations I am participating in over the internet, where we cleanse the four harmonies or rhythms of earth, water, fire, and air. We begin breathing in through the nose and out the nose, envisioning ourselves wrapped, bathed, enclosed, expanded in gold light. That is the earth energy where we balance and center. Then, we envision ourselves in green, and breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, flowing downward like water. Then, breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose, with red as the color, fire, and then, in the mouth and out the mouth, with the color blue, air. We say healer on the inhale and remedy on the exhale. I am listening to the meditations, to the guidance, but I think each color is about ten breaths. I feel quite refreshed and I apologize if I am not presenting this accurately. It is my interpretation of what I hear. Again, you can check it out at:


I have been actively involved with people the last few days. We discuss the economy and the drought, the drought and the economy, the two biggies occupying those of us who live in CA right now. Yesterday I was with two young women from Croatia, who survived the war, and were refugees. They speak of the spirituality in which they grew up, and of the intensity and love of living that a war like that produces. Because they survived, they know they have a cushion of support, always there within. They also deal with survivor's guilt. They feel we in the U.S. are not as alive to the possibilities of what we can do, to the mindfulness, sharing, connection, and love that creates in such circumstances. Perhaps we are about to find out. I keep wondering how some politicians seem so unaware of just how dire this situation we are in, is. Life is changing for us all. We can greet that as a good thing, as there never really was stability but we thought so. We held onto it. Oh, we are safe, but underneath we had to know the reality of change. Now, let's discover the grace in the falling apart, the grace that each of us carries, the light.

I am excited to see what comes, what now evolves, as we are each more aware that what has been taken for granted as a structure of support is falling apart. This is where innovation comes in, creativity, the spark that enlivens us all.

Enjoy!! The vision is here. It is ours to create.


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