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Trying to explain -

Because it was raining, I brought three year old Zach to my home today.  His eyes immediately zeroed in on the book Goodnight Bush, An Unauthorized Parody by Erich Origen and Gan Golan.

The cover looks just like Goodnight Moon so is naturally enchanting and Zach immediately sat in my lap wanting me to read it to him.  I will give you the words, and you can imagine trying to censor Bush for a three year old and explain the pictures of Bush hiding in bed and Abu Ghraib and a toy airplane sitting among fallen blocks.   He decided the Abu Ghraib torturer was happy because of the smile, unlike Bush and Cheney who were both a challenge to decipher.  I explained that no one taught Bush to behave well as Zach has been taught and that is why Bush has done so many "bad things."


In the situation room there was a toy world and a flight costume and a picture of -
A refinery plume
And there were war profiteers giving three cheers (Zach saw three pigs.)
A nation great
A Church and a State
A pair of towers
And a balance of powers
A Grand Old Party to war in a rush
And a quiet Dick Cheney whispering "hush"
Goodnight room
Goodnight refinery plume
Goodnight jets flying over the plume
Goodnight toy world and the flight costume
Goodnight ballot box
Goodnight FOX
Goodnight towers
And goodnight balance of powers
Goodnight constitution
And goodnight evolution
Goodnight democracy and goodnight privacy
Goodnight old growth trees
Goodnight detainees
Goodnight allies
Goodnight Abu Ghraib "Cheese!"
Goodnight contractor beheading
Goodnight innocent bloodshedding
Goodnight nation great and goodnight Church and State
Goodnight bubble bursting in air
And goodnight piggy beyond repair
Goodnight rule of law and goodnight Mardi Gras
Goodnight Grand Old Party
Goodnight war in a rush
And goodnight to Dick Cheney whispering "hush"
Goodnight earth?
Goodnight heir?
Goodnight failures everywhere

Bush has said how much he loved, as a child,  Goodnight Moon, and Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which was published one year after Bush graduated from college.

Well, we know he doesn't like to challenge himself.   What were you reading after college?  Perhaps something a wee bit more advanced.


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