Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Decisions -

I suppose a locked mailbox is a small problem as problems go, but I don't like what it symbolizes. Recently, some young women were sentenced in San Francisco for luring a man to a beach, shooting and killing him and taking his wallet.

I am horrified when I read this kind of news as it occurs around the world, and perhaps it is harder to take in closer to home. I wonder where it stops. That is the point of Terry Tempest Williams in Finding Beauty in a Broken World. If we don't respect ground hogs, then, where does lack of reverence stop.

Because a great deal of money was spent to ensure my life, I pay extra close attention to the financial costs of health care. I am aware of the complexity of decision making on where the money goes and who gets what. How much is one life worth? Does the age of the person matter? Should it? Perhaps, and yet, how then, do we decide.

Here is an interesting article on herceptin.


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