Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Valentine's Day!

It is Valentine's Day.  I check Wikipedia and read the complex history of this day which really did not begin with the exchange of candy and gifts.  Even Chaucer who is credited with the introduction of romance really was speaking of an arranged marriage between children.

And yet it is lovely to have a day dedicated to romance, heart, and love,  and all that I read suggests that we need to spend money, that trust needs to return to the market place, so I suppose it is a day to begin and yet, I consider my day.  It is raining, rain so gratefully received that it is incredible bliss just to sit and watch it come down and listen to it.  I picture our local reservoirs filling, the ducks having a wider place to swim and breed, more protection.  

My Valentine's Day is rich in everything but a boost to the economy and my heart feels strong in its pulse of love and hope, with an extra little pump for those who need it, who have not learned like dear little three year old Zach, the benefits of being "good."

We speak of living from the heart, from that central part of our being, and using it as our guidance system.   The heart knows and there is something about the image of those two lovely hills rising, then, reaching down to a point to say, yes, we will fulfill, yes, we will explore and journey, questing in the expansive, joyous realm of love.

Happy Valentine's Day, a day of Peace and Love!


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