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More rain, hooray!!

It rained all night, pure delight!!

I finished Terry Tempest Williams book,
Finding Beauty in a Broken World.

She goes to Rwanda and shows how healing can occur, one person at a time.    She says the groundhogs teach us about community.  They've been doing it since the Pleistocene.   Perhaps there is something for us to learn.

She spent time watching prairie dogs, and I love this part on when she is preparing to leave.  Perhaps each of us can give ourselves this kind of time the next few days.  I believe tomorrow is a holiday for almost all, so we are nicely sandwiched in a three day weekend.

Terry Tempest Williams:

To have this privilege, the luxury of time with prairie dogs, to simply observe their behavior within their village, hour by hour, day by day, has widened my perception. The degree of our awareness is the degree of our aliveness. 

We have forgotten the virtue of sitting, watching, observing. Nothing much happens.  This is the way of nature.  We breathe together. Simply this.  For long periods of time, the meadow is still. We watch.  We wait. We wonder. Our eyes find a resting place.  And then, the slightest of breezes moves the grass.  It can be heard as a whispered prayer.

     The faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.      T. S.  Eliot

Much of our world now is fabrication, a fiction, a manufactured and manipulated time-lapsed piece of filmmaking where a rose no longer unfolds but bursts.  Speed is the buzz, the blur, the drug.  Life out of focus becomes our way of seeing. We no longer expect clarity.  The lenses of perception and perspective have been replaced by speed, motion.  We don't know how to stop.  The information we value is retrieved, never internalized.

     Where is the Life we have lost in living?
     Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
     Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?  
    T.S. Eliot

And what about knowledge gleaned through patience? What about a species who has survived through time by simply paying attention. 

She writes on, and then:

In the presence of prairie dogs, I feel calm, safe, and reassured, sensing there is something more enduring than our own minds. I feel a peace that holds my heart, not because I believe this is better than the world we have created.  I feel at peace because the memory of wild nature is held within the nucleus of each living cell.  Our bodies remember wholeness in the midst of fragmentation.

This is how, she believes, we heal, in honoring the mosaic, the shattering and coming together, the fall and rise.

Peace -


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