Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Courtesy -

This morning Jane and I discussed the idea of courtesy. It seems that, at times,  respect for the ideas of the "other" has disappeared, as set by the example of a White House, that attacks, denies, and lies. I would like to see a return to a discussion of ideas, with less focus on attacking the individual.
Road rage seems to result from isolation in cars. There is less awareness of the other as a person. Perhaps, this goes back to my talk of spacial awareness, of awareness 360 degrees around us, like a tree.  I think it is time to circulate back to a time of more politeness. It is not a request to deny our feelings, but to ask for a little more space around them, space for my feelings and yours. Here is my morning poem addressing that request.


what is this idea of caging
people, animals, ideas -
roses have thorns to protect their scent,
but fairies sit on those thorns,
like thrones
at night and knit
hats for spiders and caterpillar shoes -

there is always something brewing
to catch on the wind -

but when fences, wired with barbs,
are placed between my breath,
and yours,
how can we meet
in the consecration
of dew
as it lifts
its lips
to the sun
in the midst
of changing,
from me,
to you,
and back again
as something new
now and now and now -  
soft dew on the hips of heart -



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