Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Winter Feast for the Soul!

As I have said, I have been doing the meditations for Winter Feast for the Soul. I chose the Sufi meditations and have now completed 33 days. I still have my meditation for today. I have been doing them in the evening before bed. They seem to stir my dreams with a spoon of unwhipped cream.


Today, we are asked some questions to consider at the end of the forty days. I decided to address them today and I offer them to you, since I think they are a lovely evaluative tool for wherever we are.

It looks like there will be a powerful grand finale. You can do the meditations and listen without calling in. I do the meditations in my own time, listen on my computer, have a special place and time to tune in to the words, my breath, my thoughts, and an invitation to more clearly meet my piece of the world as soul.

Questions to consider when you give yourself a pause:

from Winter Feast of the Soul: Valerie Skonie

Here are the Self-Inquiry questions:

1. Who am I now in this moment?

2. How present am I right now?

3. Where is my focus?

4. Is what I am doing now serving me?

5. What am I allowing to be important to me?

6. What are the results that I am getting from this present pattern? Am I calmer? More peaceful? Is my world better?

7. Where am I finding my joy? My equilibrium?

8. Where do I believe peace (joy / equanimity / love / benevolence) is found?

9. What can I do right now to be more expansive?

10. Are my present thoughts (feeling/actions) contributing to my well-being and the well-being of those that are important to me?

11. What do my friends and family say about me now after 40 days in my practice cycle?

12. Do I like myself better today than I did 40 days ago?

One other idea that I place great value on: make an art piece, a collage or a drawing that embraces how you feel today. My own experience is that something like that will immediately take you back to the feeling component of the Winter Feast and how you feel today as you complete this 40-day cycle.


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