Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I realized this morning that since I've been devoted to the Winter Feast of the Soul meditations, my eyes have changed.  I had scattered reading glasses all over the house, but I haven't been using them.  I also realized I am reading more because it is again comfortable to read.  I had been going between the different magnifications and the whole thing was uncomfortable.  This morning I realized I can read those teeny-tiny numbers in the phone book.
   I have been doing the meditations hoping to be a kinder, more compassionate, peaceful and tolerant person.  That may be hard to measure, but being able to read the phone book is quite the thing.

So, my local paper, the Mill Valley Herald arrives with the news that our local library had a resident owl for a few days.  I am reminded of the book Dewey, about a kitten that was dropped into a library book drop box, and through then residing in the library brought reading, connection and enthusiasm to the town.  It is a true story about a wonderful cat.  It reminded me of our beloved Cat Mandu, who lived to over twenty years and took incredible care of our household.

There is a comic in the Mill Valley Herald by Lippy called Fault Lines.  I can't give you the pictures but use your imagination.  Following are the words.  Begin by picturing President Obama standing on top of a high-dive, his arms out, on his toes, perfect diving form.

Here's President Obama attempting a spine-twisting triple somersault stimulus with an inside-out compromise finish!

Nice form on the takeoff.  Looks like the country is with him ....

OOOH!  A deftly-delivered backhand, and here comes the hardest part - The Compromise Finish!

Damn!  Those nasty Republicans have drained the pool.  Still, he comes up a winner!  There's just no stopping this guy.

He crashes right through the bottom of the waterless pool.  Hooray, for President Obama!!


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