Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

The icon is of a wave at Maverick's not Asilomar Beach. 

I am rested this morning and reflecting.  I finished the book Crank last night, the one by Ellen Hopkins.   I found it a rough and riveting ride.

Ginahelen made a good comment on my post about the innocence of children, and it is true.  Many children in America today are not directly exposed to as much as children of the past were, and so they learn empathy through books.   Books are expensive in terms of trees and ink.  What is approved does need to have a direct evolutionary effect.

I think my extra sensitivity with Zach right now influenced me, and at this conference we are talking about a huge range of ages.  

There is a new book out called Bull Rider by Suzanne Morgan Williams.  It is about a young boy who wants to be a skate boarder, but his family tradition is in the art of bull riding.  He figures his older brother will carry on the family tradition but he comes home injured from Iraq, and so it is up to the skate boarder.  These are hard-hitting and important subjects.   These books will change and are changing the world.  

I continue to see how easily overwhelmed my nervous system is so perhaps that is why I lean, at times, toward soft, and there is a place for it all.   The sand is powder at Asilomar and there are rocks.   I love the rocks punctuating the sand.   Hold me.  I survive.


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