Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The power of the word -

I am struggling to understand why I feel so tired this morning. Perhaps it was not only the wealth of information, but also the reminder of how much we share through words. Authors and illustrators gather with agents and editors to discuss how important it is to create absolutely the best product to enliven and change our world.

Lee sat next to me at breakfast. I checked out his blog last night and again this morning and I am still sitting with what it might mean to a young person to have access to this support.


I know that Ellen Hopkins is there for her readers, is a support for those who email and call her. Here is her website.


It appears that the idea of the isolated writer is gone.

Perhaps that is good for both, that immediate feedback, support, exchange. We live in an era of communication. We speak of our feelings so we are learning to feel within and communicate what is going on and we are sharing the wonderful world of books and the internet, the power of the word, to even more know how we feel.

I realize now that part of my fatigue is this intensity of feeling from all the connection, and the continuing task to balance thought and non-thought. I love when I occasionally touch the world of non-thought and I know that the path to evolution is through the sharing of our thoughts, the combing and ingesting, like gorillas grooming each others fur.

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