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Good Morning!

I have begun reading John Steinbeck’s book, To a God Unknown.  It is not one of his better known books, though maybe one of his best.  He begins with drought in CA, with how dryness affects us, each of us personally, our mood.  We need moisture to function, to live and thrive.  It appears that drought where I live has again been averted.  We have voluntary water rationing, but I doubt we will be confined to a restricted amount.   I was awake in the night listening to the pounding of rain, adding another inch to our 36.  Tom Stienstra writes:

Thirty-six inches of rain this winter, most of it in the past month, have brought the Marin watershed back to life.

Lagunitas, Bon Tempe and Alpine lakes all filled in the past 10 days and are spilling water over their dams and downstream to Kent Lake, now rising quickly. Elsewhere in the water district, Phoenix and Nicasio lakes have also topped out.

When I picked three year old Zach up yesterday, he was waking from a nap. He informed me with a smile he was dreaming of Blackie’s Pasture so that is where we went.  We spend a great deal of time looking at ladybugs in the grasses and trying to understand why some grasses grow high and others hug the ground.  He found one rock buried in the grasses.  Zach informed me that rock was dead.  

As usual, we looked at and touched the metal statue of Blackie, and talked about why even though there was sun, the metal was cold.  We spent some time with the grave of Blackie, which is covered with lupine, poppies, and an assortment of plants.  Zach is struggling with that Blackie is under the ground, and is concerned that we can’t hear him neigh, and wondering if he hears us.

Zach was a seal at the beginning of our visit, and then, was back to Percy the train.  When he drinks his milk, he is taking in fuel, or oil, and when he drinks at the water fountain, he is filling his boiler.  His wheels struggle a bit in the grass, but I pull him on through.

I read today in the NY Times that grandmothers today do not desire to spend babysitting time with their grandchildren.  They feel there is a wider world of which they are a part.  Today, I do taxes.  I visualize our tax dollars going for schools, parks, roads, and care for others who share this world.  I don’t yet have grandchildren so don’t know what that particular attachment will be, but I do believe we are all tied, and that your child is mine.  

May there be enough moisture for us all!




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