Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Valuing what is here -

A friend of mine has been traveling in Argentina.  Since she returned, she has been reading books on the history of Argentina and Latin America.  It allows her to better feel what we have here, to even more assimilate what has been endangered in the last eight years, and to see even more clearly how we each must work to ensure the values on which this country founded, continue.   

It was not an easy beginning.  People sacrificed.  People died.  We know this and yet we allowed Bush to lead us away from ethics and morality, into a world of torture, savagery, devaluation in every way, and horrific greed.

We now have a leader who knows what it is to work.  We have a people who can stand up to create what we want.  It begins with each one of us, today, this moment, one breath, many.   Enjoy!  Have fun and consider your piece of the quilt, and spin what is yours in this incredible weave.


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