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Barack and Michelle Obama speak very clearly about health and nutrition.  Eating well on the campaign trail allowed them to endure what most of us would find horrific and they maintained their health.

Michelle Obama is coming on strongly for organic foods.   I was surprised to read this week that Laura Bush emphasized organic foods in the White house, but she did not publicize it.  If anything, the Bush administration did the opposite, taking away oversight of our food supply, and dismantling environmental controls.  Why?   I always wondered how they could not see the connection between the food each of us eats and the water we share.  It seems they thought organic was essential for them, but not for others.

When I attended the Ecofarms Conference a few years ago, the farmers were very clear, that here was the organic field next to the non-organic, and yes, they are working to clean up a water supply damaged over many years, and yes, non-organic crops are sprayed, and spray spreads, so it is important to eat organic for the attempt to make the changes, and because the food may be less contaminated, and organic farmers pay their workers well.  It is a complete system of health and it will take time to un-do the damage that has been done.

The ideal, of course, would be that we each grow our own food, but that is not possible for most.  We now have a presidential family emphasizing the value of healthy eating, of consuming fruits and vegetables.  It is inspiring, and this family is taking steps we all can follow, and, yes, there, is more to go.


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