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Smiling -

We have all most likely read a great deal on Albert Einstein but this comes this morning from Writer's Almanac and introduces a new piece to me,  smiling.   In high school, he sat in the back of the room smiling.  

When his brain was analyzed, it was found to have many connections, more synapses than the rest of us.  I wonder if sitting there smiling in a possible place of meditative bliss created them and then led him on to what he uncovered.  

Imagine a class in smiling.  Wouldn't that be fun?

From Writer's Almanac:

It's the birthday of Albert Einstein born in Ulm, Germany (1879). He was taught at home for a while, and when he finally went to school, his teachers thought he was developmentally disabled. In high school, one of his teachers tried to expel him because all he did in class was sit in the back of the room smiling. He finally dropped out at the age of 16. 

He barely made it through college, couldn't get a job in any science field, and finally found a job at the Swiss patent office, evaluating patent applications. In the evenings after he got home from the office, he worked on his own ideas about physics, and in 1905, he published four papers that revolutionized the field of physics and introduced among other things the Special Theory of Relativity and his famous equation, E = mc2.


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