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Balance -

I am aware that our president walks a fine line in introducing change and satisfying those who have had such power and control.

I am looking forward though to an explanation from him on this subject and how it relates to transparency.


I have been reading a book, another wonderful book, The Secret History of Dreaming, by Robert Moss. It inspires me that with proper motivation and activation of a uniting of all our dreams, we might be able to make the changes so many of us would like to see.

I am especially intrigued with this bit of information.

"One of the most important discoveries, is that, in modern urban society, few people sleep the way most humans did for all of our evolution before the introduction of artificial lighting. For hundreds of thousands of years, humans thought that what the pushers of sleep meds promise - an uninterrupted night of seven or eight hours sleep - was an unnatural and undesirable thing."

What? No drugs to encourage sleep.

It seems that without the stimulation of artificial light, we return to this pattern: "lying awake in bed for an hour or two, then four hours sleep, then two to three hours of "non-anxious wakefulness" followed by a second sleep before waking for the day's activities."

Dr. Thomas Wehr at the National Institute of Mental Health, discovered that "the interval between first sleep and second sleep is characterized by elevated levels of prolactin, a pituitary hormone best known for helping hens to brood contentedly above their eggs for long periods. Wehr concluded that the night watch can produce benign states of altered consciousness not unlike meditation."

"It is possible that in our modern culture, through our suppression of ancient and natural circadian cycles, we have rendered ourselves "disannulled of our first sleep, and cheated of our dreams and fantasies."

Oddly, I have been awakening around one or two, and rising to sit, contemplate, meditate. Perhaps, my body is requesting a more natural rhythm and involvement in the cycles of life. I wonder if as we age we return to the wisdom of the body, drink deeply at inner wells, partake.

It is not to be kept for ourselves; it is to share. We root from one well, one source of health and breath.


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